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Meet Janina Steele

I'm the proud owner of J. Steele Artistry and J. Studios. My journey into the world of artistry began at a young age, finding solace and therapy in the act of drawing. It was my go-to coping mechanism during some challenging times in my life. What drew me in, quite literally, were the colors. The vibrant and vivid hues filled my creations. My love for artistry was fueled by a passion for exploring the endless spectrum of colors, capturing tones and undertones in every shade I encountered.

Hello there! I'm Janina Steele, but you probably know me as Nina.

Our Story

I was quite the "tomboy" back then, only dabbling in makeup when my classmates suggested it. While I didn't fully embrace it at the time, I couldn't help but notice that my eyeshadow choices always matched my outfit. This little habit evolved into something much greater.

In November 2006, I embarked on a different path when I joined the United States Army as an Environmental Health Specialist. My first duty station took me to Germany in the summer of 2007. It was there that I began to experiment with makeup to fit in with friends and colleagues. My eyeshadows started to mirror the vibrant colors of my wardrobe, and I discovered a newfound passion for cosmetics. As time went on, I delved deeper into the world of makeup, dedicating my spare moments to watching YouTube tutorials and learning about products, ingredients, and techniques. I realized that makeup was, in essence, another form of artistry.

What We Value

In 2011, I made the decision to become a Makeup Artist. I started by offering makeup applications to friends and family, falling head over heels in love with the craft. In 2015, I bid farewell to the U.S. Army and enrolled in Cosmetology school. I joined the Aveda Institute in Birmingham in November 2015. While I quickly grasped the art of hairstyling, it was clear that my true passion lay in makeup. I pursued my Cosmetology License because I knew it would be invaluable to my career.

During my time at Aveda, I also became a Makeup Artist and Sales Associate at M.A.C. This role allowed me to explore more advanced techniques and stay updated with the latest trends. It marked the beginning of my journey in building a loyal clientele. I proudly graduated from Aveda in November 2016 and continued working as a Permanent Artist at M.A.C. until October 2017.

I'm incredibly passionate about my craft. It has opened doors to remarkable opportunities, introduced me to wonderful people, and enabled me to travel to places I'd always dreamt of. The beauty industry means the world to me, and I'm committed to following wherever it leads me.

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